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Green Mountain offers a multi-faceted approach to business study that is aligned with our mission to empower students and help them make a positive impact wherever they go after graduation.

The online degree completion curriculum provides you the foundations of business – accounting, economics, marketing, leadership, and statistics, and exposes you to new business practices in sustainability and entrepreneurship.

To graduate, students must complete a minimum of 30 credits (10 courses) at Green Mountain College, including the following:

      • The Power of Sustainability (ELA 2500);
      • Paths to Sustainability (ELA 4500);
      • Business Trends & Your Professional Success (BUS 1000);
      • Mastering Self Leadership (BUS 3000); and
      • Values-Based Strategy and Competitive Advantage Capstone (BUS 4022);

To kick off the online experience, you will take the introduction course, BUS1000: Business Trends and Your Professional Success, prior to any other course. In BUS1000, you’ll learn the importance of self-efficacy to achieve personal and professional success. As part of the course, you will complete a self-efficacy assessment and prepare professional development plans that guide your coursework throughout the program.

Students who graduate the online degree completion program with an average GPA of 2.75 with two years of business practitioner experience may apply directly to our online Sustainable MBA program, online Master of Science in Environmental Studies program, or our online Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems program.

Core Curriculum

BUS 1000 Business Trends and Your Professional Success
BUS 2001 Accounting: A Multiple Stakeholder Approach
ECO 2003 Economics: Mainstream & Alternative Prospectives
BUS 3000 Mastering Self Leadership
BUS 3008 Strategic Finance for Managers
BUS 3040 Operations Management in the Services Economy
BUS 3050 Business Law: The Ethical & Legal Environment of Organizations
BUS 3500 Management & the Values Based Firm
BUS 3510 Communicating Effectively in the Digital Age
BUS 3520 Marketing & Brand Management
BUS 4022 Values-Based Strategy and Competitive Advantage Capstone


Requirements for the Self-Design Concentration

Green Mountain’s online Business program offers a 15-credit, Self-Design concentration.

Students may apply transfer credits in either Business or Economics to satisfy the 15-credit, Self-Design concentration. However, in the absence of available applicable transfer credits, students may take the following GMC courses to satisfy the concentration:

BUS 4040: The New Strategic Manager (or approved transfer or GMC course)
BUS 3060: The Transformational Leader (or approved transfer or GMC course)
BUS 3545: Entrepreneurship: Developing New Ventures (or approved transfer or GMC course)
BUS 4045: Advanced Entrepreneurship: Launching & Growing New Ventures (or approved transfer or GMC course)
BUS 3530: Organizational Behavior: Human Capital Management (or approved transfer or GMC course)


Not Sure About Transferability? No Problem!

Transferring credits is easy with Green Mountain College’s attentive and knowledgeable Admissions Advisors. Throughout the admissions process, we are here to help you understand your options and work with you to ensure that the credits you’ve completed are eligible.

At GMC, you can submit work life credits based on your work background by preparing a portfolio with a third party that can help you define your accomplishments, experiences and strengths to potentially satisfy core coursework. We want to help you get ahead and reach your goals. Simply call an Admissions Advisor to receive the personal attention you need to succeed.

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